Open Road Consulting

Open Road Consulting is a Melbourne-based consulting firm dedicated to partnering with our clients to significantly improve performance and engagement. Our mission is to enrich people’s satisfaction at work by fostering a culture of achievement, trust and learning.

The Open Road Group seeks to promote effective action within organizations by cultivating commitment to a shared purpose and direction while sharpening the skill of identifying, circumventing or dissolving obstacles that arise along the way.

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So, where are we going?

We’ll begin by clarifying where you are now and where you want to be. We’ll work to understand your concerns, capabilities, culture and clients. Together we’ll articulate a new future – one that excites and challenges your people, that provides tangible value for your clients, and one that delivers for your owners.

  • Engaged People
  • Satisfied Clients
  • Financial performance

How will we get there?

We’ll develop the direction for the new journey ahead that people can commit to, are supported in, and feel positive about. Leveraging people’s strengths, improving productivity and identifying skills to develop are crucial.

We’ll develop the direction for the new journey

What about change?

Hang on a sec, while you have your head down and bum up, your whole world could be about to change. You also need to navigate the open road and to position yourself for the things that are changing.

Okay - let's go.

This is where the rubber hits the road. Strategies are implemented and new clients are generated through conversations and relationships. There is no other way. Trust is the glue that holds this together.

People Pyramid

We work with our clients to have the types of conversations that make things happen, build relationships, enhance learning and uncover opportunities. We provide a framework for people that builds skills, confidence and that gets results.


Mark Raymond - Openroad Consulting
Mark Raymond

Mark has 10 years experience in consulting and coaching professionals, teams and organisations in areas including business development, leadership and high performing teams. Mark’s work has influenced more than $50m in revenues for his clients. He combines deep business experience with knowledge and skill in working with people to improve their effectiveness and enjoyment. Mark’s clients have included organisations in a range of industries including professional services firms, Government, Life Sciences and the Energy sectors. He is also a facilitator for Newfield Institute’s coach training programs. Mark’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics, Diploma of Ontological Coaching, Certified Life Styles Inventory practitioner, MBTI, as well as studying various programs with Pluralistic Networks. Mark is married with three children and his interests include Aikido, music and running.

Jill Murphy - Openroad Consulting
Jill Murphy

Jill’s work includes conflict resolution, workplace investigations, conducting reviews of services, and writing practice guides and policies. She has a rare ability to get to the heart of any issue very quickly. She has significant experience in government and community sectors. Jill is also a nationally accredited and experienced mediator and works with clients in resolving disputes through mediation, investigations and in developing policies to build a constructive workplace culture. Jill has had her own practice for 10 years and prior to this held senior roles in Government. Jill’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics (First Class Honours), Masters of Industrial Relations, and a Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution. Jill’s interests include her children, soccer, as a player and as the coach of the Big Issue’s women’s street soccer team, and as a board member of Wombat Housing.


We are very fortunate to work with, learn from, and laugh with a group of highly experienced people. We bring this collective wisdom to bear on our work with clients.

Mark Molony

Mark Molony
Highly experienced and engaging coach and facilitator. Awesome at helping people develop more sustainable and effective ways of working in areas including leadership, personal performance and teams.

Kath McCarthy

Kath McCarthy
Highly effective and personable coach and facilitator in areas including leadership, business development and personal performance.

Services. Our areas of specialisation are summarised below.

Business Development

Coaching, speaking and education programs for professionals who need to generate business and build client relationships. This includes developing their value proposition, building skills in collaborating with others, developing client relationships, uncovering opportunities and generating work.

Mobilising Teams

Working with teams to ensure their purpose is aligned to the organisation’s objectives, there is role clarity, trust and communication practices for teams to achieve their vision.

Leadership Development

Supporting leaders to build their capabilities in areas including clarifying and articulating their future vision, getting things done, coaching and developing staff, generating role clarity for their people, navigating changing market conditions, dealing with conflict, and managing their well being and energy.

Building Culture

Reviewing current culture to identify key concerns, strengths, waste and points of leverage to build your desired culture. This includes conducting interviews and collaborating with you to design practices, roles and values that will underpin achieving your future vision.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

This includes conducting workplace mediations and also offering coaching and programs for building skills in managing and harnessing conflict to improve performance, innovation and rebuild trust.


Conducting workplace investigations of complaints of harassment, bullying, discrimination and misconduct.

Service Reviews

Drafting practice guides and conducting reviews of programs to identify areas for improvement in staffing and service delivery.

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Workplace mediations, investigations and conflict resolution training.

"Jill is a great investigator. Her investigations are timely, well written. Jill brings to complex situations a calm, pragmatic and insightful approach. Her skills in working with multiple participants and senior managers ensures an investigation process that is credible, respectful and fair. Jill is also skilled in the art of mediation and works well with a diverse range of participants in conflict to promote stronger and more professional relationships."

Louise Gartland – Executive General Manager People and Culture.

Herbert Smith Freehills

Business development coach for Australia’s leading law firm for the last 4 years.

"The reason I am a big supporter of Mark is that he drives towards and achieves tangible results with our partners. He develops the skills of the partners and works with them, holding them accountable for action – which inevitably improves their BD results. Mark is now regarded as part of the teams within which he interacts, and has accordingly become an integral component in our business development offering to the partnership. Where sensible, he also works with small groups of partners to coordinate approaches to client opportunities."

Department of Treasury and Finance

Co-designed and facilitated two key leadership development programs over 3 years (as part of Newfield Institute) and designed and facilitated various strategy and team building conferences.

Newfield Institute

Coach supervisor and facilitator for Newfield Institute’s various coach training programs over the last 5 years.

"I have no hesitation in rating Mark Raymond as an outstanding coach and facilitator. Mark combines his extensive knowledge of the value of an ontological approach to personal, team and leadership development, as well as business improvement, with a highly effective way of engaging people to discover significant new learning opportunities that they can immediately act on."

RSM Bird Cameron

Leadership coaching for senior managers.

"We have used Mark and have found him to be of great assistance to our management team. He has an excellent ability to identify the key issues and work through them as a group and as individuals."

Daryl Powell – Director, RSM Bird Cameron.

Greenwoods and Freehills

Business Development and high performing teams coaching for the last 3 years.

"Greenwoods & Freehills is a leading Australian tax advisory firm, comprising both lawyers and accountants. Mark Raymond has provided extremely valuable business development coaching to a number of our Directors (partners). As agreed with us, Mark primarily works with our Directors one-on-one to help them sharpen their BD goals and action plans, having regard to the Firm’s overall strategy. Mark also helped us design and facilitate a strategy day involving all Directors, which was highly successful. Mark’s approach is very practical. He is experienced, inspiring and user-friendly."

Greens List Barristers

Business Development coaching for Barristers and as a speaker at Green’s List events for solicitors.

"Having the opportunity to catch up with Mark Raymond regularly is one of the best things about being on the list. While there are no miracle results, working with Mark has led to a much more disciplined, structured and strategic marketing effort. This has produced results. Working with Mark has caused me to take marketing steps that I either did not see or would have deferred."

Newfield Institute

Part of the Newfield Institute team supporting the Management Development program for the last 5 years.

NSW Treasury

Designing and Facilitation a Strategic Planning workshop for the Transactions Team.

Safer Care Victoria

Designing and facilitating a Strategic Planning workshop

The Brotherhood of St Laurence

Conducting program reviews and writing practice guides for the last 3 years.

MacKillop Family Services

Conducting policy reviews and chair of investigations panel.

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